Password fails dictionary check before installation

Hello guys,

im trying to install the latest Endeavour OS on my VM and both of my standard password don’t work at all.


It’s strange, because my password has 10 characters, 1 Uppcase, Numbers and 1 special character. Why does it fail? Im not quite sure if it’s just a bug here…

I believe that is just a warning. You should be able to use it anyway.

A password failing the dictionary check would usually mean that your password is based on an actual word in some way. Doing things like replacing letters with matching numbers or special characters generally doesn’t help much. Alternatively, it could be a common password that has been added to the dictionary.

Lastly…standard passwords? You really shouldn’t have those from a security perspective…

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Yes, my password is based on a word in some way, but it still differs by special characters and numbers. I posted here, because i cannot proceed with such a password. When i click “Next”, nothing happens and i get stucked…

I just tested some more creative passwords here. Something like “Godwashere” works. It doesn’t make any sense to me why my standard password with numbers and special characters doesn’t work.

Since you certainly shouldn’t share your password here and we don’t know exactly how it differs, it is hard to say what the issue is. I would say again that replacing letters in a word with special characters/numbers doesn’t make it material stronger against a brute force attack since they check for that.

Are you sure there isn’t something else wrong/missing on that dialog?

You are right… I missed my name. Username & computername wasn’t enough. Somehow i was thinking that a full name was not required. That’s why i couldn’t proceed.
Now it works, thank you!

It was just my own stupidness x)

Even though it was a strange behavior with the password dictionary check, everything worked out well in the end. So this thread can be closed :slight_smile:

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yes it do not force secure password, you can put what you want, it will proceed anyways

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On a home computer, life is too short to worry about messages about ‘dictionary checks’!!!