Paru in EOS repo is outdated

Just like Yay, Paru updated two days ago for the latest pacman version, except they made a new release. So now, the version of paru in the EOS repo is outdated.

See the following post:


I’m currently waiting for Morganamilo (the maker of paru) to update the PKGBUILD in the AUR. When he does that, paru will be updated too.

Meanwhile I recommend using yay as it is updated already.


I feel like we could probably update the PKGBUILD ourselves before upstream updates the PKGBUILD, as it’s just a hash, url and version bump, but either way it can wait indeed.

If you want, you can build paru as well. Just tried it:

  • downloaded the PKGBUILD
  • changed the pkgver in PKGBUILD to 2.0.3
  • updated the sha256sum with updpkgsums
  • built it with: makepkg -si

and it seems to work.

(Just added the instructions here for anyone interested.)

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  1. i just used the git pcakege lol
  2. Upstream just updated the AUR package
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Thanks! Building it now.
Note that it takes some time for the new package to get to all mirrors…

Edit: built. Now starting to send it to mirrors.

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Just FYI, paru PKGBUILD added the dependency openssl-1.1

I see the diff of PKGBUILD:

-depends=('git' 'pacman' '>=14-64')
+depends=('git' 'pacman' '>=14-64' 'openssl-1.1')

Not sure why paru requires it older than openssl major version 3

You probably are referring to paru-bin. We are using paru.

Don’t know why they added that version, sounds strange.

The precompiled paru binary was linked on 1.1. Upstream have said that they’re looking into it.