Partitioning scheme

gnome-disks is the command

weird, how come i type gnome-disk “tab” and gnome-disks does not come out ?

darn it, how do i type 33 this in forum ? it won’t let me post this.

is 64GB plenty enough for / drive ? linux won’t prompt me "out of space " in future ?

Depends on your usage . If you store videos and other large files consider larger sizes . Mine with snapshots use 22 GB . So 64 GB may hold . You can expand the partition in the future .

Maybe you don’t have it installed?

Use preformatted text tags. Highlight the text you want to be formatted and then click the button in the toolbar that looks like </>

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Or you can use <kbd>Tab</kbd> to have it rendered fancy like this: Tab


They say you learn something new every day. This was it for me. Now I can go into comatose mode for the rest of the day.



snapshots ? snapshots are refering to os snapshots or screenshot ?

i won’t store video files on / partition.
if my hdd already partitioned, no space left unuse in between the partition, it is not possible to expand … right ?

i am login via life usb. i am ready to reinstall enos in plasma dE, but i want to know my partition for / is big enough or not…

64GB for / is more than enough, assuming you’re still planning to use a separate /home.

Go for it.


hee. thx. a bit late. i increased / partition to 80GB because no one reply on time… and i want to get it install before i sleep.
anyway a bit bigger is… no harm.