Partitioning Help - Triple Boot - Use existing EFI

Hi there I want to install EndeavourOS alongside my already existing WIndows 10 and Fedora installations, which are installed on one SSD and an HDD.
I used manual partitioning since with automatic partitioning I could not use both drives or btrfs.

I am unsure if my current setup is correct and if everything will work.
It would be very nice if you could take a quick look and tell me if this is working how I imagined. Here is my Setup:



BTRFS from Fedora (dont know if that helps or smth):

BTW I have two EFI Partitions as seen here:

/dev/nvme0n1p1 is the Windows EFI and /dev/sda3 is the Fedora EFI, do I need to keep the Windows EFI Partition for it to keep running or is that just wasted space?

A few more questions:

  1. I wanted to use the existing /boot/efi (sda3) Partition of my Fedora installation, so I selected it and mounted it to /boot/efi, is this correct? Will this use the existing Partition for the EFI-Bootloader or will it just override it?
  2. Why can I only create an LVM Volumegroup? I thought BTRFS was also a kind of Volumegroup?
  3. Will my current Setup create an BTRFS Volume Group (if that is even possible) like in Fedora?

I hope I provided enough Information, if not I am very happy to help :smiley: !

Thanks in advance for all your answers!! :slight_smile:

Please Help! I tried to scrap my Idea of using the current EFI Partition and just used a new normal setup with root partition on my SSD and the rest partitions (/boot/efi /boot swap /tmp /home) on my HDD.
I tried to install it 3 times now (2 time with btrfs and the last time with ex4) and everytime it tries to create an Partition on my HDD it aborts…
I have the links to the installation logs here:

  1. (btrfs):
  2. (btrfs):
  3. (ex4):

I am using the Community Installer with BSPWM Edition.

Please help I do not know what is causing that issue…

Can you create a partition with any external program ie. GParted?
Also do you have 2 Fedora installations with one on SSD and one on HDD?

I wouldn’t call this scheme a normal setup. That’s quite a specific partition scheme you got there.

Personally, I would skip making a seperate boot and tmp partition and just have them under one /.
I would just put home on the /dev/sda.
For ESP, you seem to have one on each disk. You could choose whichever you want.

But honestly, 55 GB is enough space to accomodate the system including home.

You could then use the rest of the free space in your HDD as “Storage” and mount it wherever convinient in your file system.

How exactly did you access 3rd picture? It shows something larger than 1 TB but neither of your disks are that large. I think you have Fedora’s LVM (logical volume management) spanning a part of your SSD and a large part (all?) of your HDD. I am not so experienced so I may be wrong, but 3rd picture signals that.

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