Partitioning for Btrfs

Okay it works but i am getting an error when it first boots in vm saying something about a sparse file then it loads after a second. I’ll try to get a screen capture.

Sounds familiar …

Here is what it shows when it starts to boot but it does load.


Edit: I’m not sure what the error means or is caused by. (error sparse file not allowed)
Maybe someone else knows. But it does load.

the same as with my computer…

then when I press a key it boots but not the kernel that was selected

When i press a key it does nothing and then i wait a second and it boots.




I found out on the net that this message comes when the grubenv can not be read. That’s why I had created this ext4 boot partition. With this it worked again, but I don’t really like the solution.


No error message if i don’t set:


Exactly, like me! However, selecting the kernel again by hand every time is not a solution for me.
Also GRUB_DEFAULT=2 or others do not bring it

I don’t normally set these to save the last entry.

OK, what do you do instead? Select the kernel by hand every time you boot?

Normally i only use the current kernel but i have used the zen kernel. I don’t normally use lts. Why don’t you do the install using the btrfs setup by @2000 from the wiki. If you use the copy & paste version you can do encrypted or you can do unencrypted. It’s pretty easy & I have done both before and i am currently running the encrypted version on one machine. I’m not sure what the issue is with the setup here via Calamares. I don’t know enough about Btrfs set up so i rely on @2000 knowledge.

Edit: You could try it on vm first.

I will give this a try. If I can’t solve this, I will probably part with btrfs again for the time being. But thank you very much for your effort!

Edit: I usually use the current kernel as well, but I always install the LTS kernel as a fallback. And in the grub menu the current kernel is then in 3rd place, which is a
is necessary.

I can tell you i have no issues with the setup from @2000 that I’m aware of.

do you mean this


Yes but when you go to the page or link you’ll see this part way down the page.

BTRFSonLUKS – quick copy&paste version

Edit: You can use either way. I just find it easier to do the copy and paste.

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Just read it carefully because you have certain steps to do each thing. Once you have done it once it’s easy.

Edit: Maybe try the first time in a vm.

Thank you very much, I think this will help me a lot!

Thanks for your effort and time :slight_smile:

No compression? Is this a conscious decision? Just being curious…