Partition resizing

Hi all,
Just doing a sanity check before I break my laptop. My laptop has a 512 drive which I dual boot with Windows. Right now the drive is split 50-50, and I’d like to resize the partitions to give more space to EOS.
I’ve backed up my home folder and I’m currently creating a snapshot with rescuezilla so I can recover if I completely break things.

So the process I was going to follow is log into Windows and shrink my windows partition, reboot with the EOS install disk, and with gparted expand the Linux partition. I don’t have to do anything else do I?

Thanks in advance.

What filesystem are you using on Linux?


If you have an ext4 filesystem directly on the partition, then yes, that is really all there should be to it.

Thanks for the sanity check

@dalto again thanks for the sanity check. Worked like a charm, no errors. The only issue I had was not being able to shrink windows enough :slight_smile:

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It is possible that gparted can shrink it more than Windows will. There is, of course, risk in doing so.

didn’t know that, The message I got was that it could not shrink it smaller than the furthest permanent file. In any event I got some more space