Partition questions

Im planning to re-organise the partitions on my ssd:

  • remove the swap that is within the extended sda2 as i seem to have 2
  • take off aprox 80gb off a mint instillation i hardly use and replace it with a /home partition so im not concerned about how much space i have on sda3

this sounds fine, but i have a few concerns:

  • my fat32 efi partition is also under sda2, which after the last time i made the mistake of moving/deleting im nervous to touch, is there a way i can move it out of the sda2 partition, and does it have any impact being there
  • will endeavourOS os / kde plasma kindly work with the /home partition or will they continue using the home folder inside my sda3 / main/single partition and ignore the /home folder or… (?)
  • i need to repair/reinstall windows 7 at some point, will this damage/cause issues do anything linux related?

if anyone can re-assure/inform me then it would be appreciated
screenshot of my current partitions:

If that disk has an MBR partition table, you can only have 4 primary partitions. You won’t be be able to move that partition out, because you already have 4 primary partitions.

It won’t do so automatically. You will need to move the data to the new partition and then add an entry to /etc/fstab for the new partition to be mounted at /home

Possibly. Windows doesn’t consider that it might be sharing your computer and tends to do whatever it wants with your EFI partition/MBR. However, if you Linux install is EFI and your Windows install is MBR, it probably would be OK. If they are both EFI, it may cause some havoc. If they are both MBR, then I am not sure why you have an EFI partition.


More than likely yes. I’d highly suggesting you everything you consider essential before trying.

@yetanotheruser - to delete sda5 and to resize sda7 should work without a problem.
creating a new /home in a separate partition is possible by kind as @dalto shows.
reinstall of the winOS may probably destroy a lot

Cheers,i think i get the bright and cheerful picture of windows causing impending doom :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorted some stuff out today, got a /home partition working after a few issues with R/W rights (the os would boot up with a mouse and nothing else, no desktop, just a black screen) ,fstab casually trying to mount an un-allocated partition and refusing to boot, being unable to log in unless i was root, and the fact i lost all my desktop theme/preferences. All sorted now anyway., and no harm done :smile:

Will leave touching windows for now , nothing urgent anyway:+1:

I don’t see any issue on partitioning if you buy a new bigger ssd like 1 tb or so, remove old ssd, get connect new and install windoze as first shot, after that, you can install EnOS, among windows, installer automatic split windoz partition and go forward… the mayor issue is keep windoze 7 / MBR scheme partition. You better on GPT!