Partial update? Btrfs-assistant broken?

Thanks for the suggestion but that didn’t fix it.


❯ env | grep -i qt


❯ sudo pacman -Q | grep -i qt
python-pyqt5 5.15.10-2
python-pyqt5-sip 12.13.0-2
python-pyqt6 6.7.0-2
python-pyqt6-sip 13.6.0-2
python-pyqt6-webengine 6.7.0-2
qadwaitadecorations-qt5 0.1.5-1
qadwaitadecorations-qt6 0.1.5-1
qt5-base 5.15.13+kde+r145-2
qt5-declarative 5.15.13+kde+r30-1
qt5-location 5.15.13+kde+r7-1
qt5-remoteobjects 5.15.13-1
qt5-svg 5.15.13+kde+r6-1
qt5-tools 5.15.13+kde+r4-1
qt5-translations 5.15.13-1
qt5-wayland-decorations 5.15.13+kde+r60-1
qt5-webchannel 5.15.13+kde+r3-1
qt5-webengine 5.15.16-8
qt5-websockets 5.15.13+kde+r2-1
qt6-base 6.7.0-7
qt6-declarative 6.7.0-1
qt6-imageformats 6.7.0-1
qt6-positioning 6.7.0-2
qt6-svg 6.7.0-1
qt6-tools 6.7.0-2
qt6-translations 6.7.0-1
qt6-wayland 6.7.0-1
qt6-webchannel 6.7.0-1
qt6-webengine 6.7.0-2

You need to set QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland

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Never mind, I fixed it myself.

I uninstalled the qadwaitadecorations-qt packages and removed all unused dependencies with pacman -Rs $(pacman -Qtdq)

Now everything works and, ironically, btrfs-assistant looks better than ever on Gnome! :grin:

Thanks for the assistance.

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