Pantheon display setting keeps reverting dispite me setting it over and over again

pantheon keeps screwing up the display… when using it i set it to 1920x1080 then all of a sudden it gets huge and unreadable. it keeps reverting back every time i set it it last for about a minute and then bam, right back. i had pantheon on my system but recently lost my entire operating system because i corrupted it somehow so i know it used to not do this. also i mirror my display for a tv.

PS: i realize pantheon is not exactly everyone’s favorite but it is mine.

update: when i set it to 1920x1080 it now reverts back to my samsung tv display 1680 x 1050 (16:10) and my sides of my laptop get cut off. on my tv it looks fine. i will still use it like this but i am losing a lot of space. i love pantheon that much haha

unplugging the hdmi cable fixes it but then i have no huge tv lol which isn’t much of a fix either…

i dont know but i think this may have fixed it:


export DISPLAY=:0.0
export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0

i will mark this solved if by tomorrow it has not reverted back and this indeed fixed it.

also someone suggested using lightdm display manager because i am using pantheon… i did that as well i don’t know what the solution was but it was either or.

turns out that was not the solution it reverted back again :frowning:

I think elementaryOS themselves use LightDM as DM. Maybe Pantheon is compatible only with LightDM, are you using it?

yes i am… when i use it with my tv it cuts off over an inch on my laptop on the sides (it’s just black there)… so i have less desktop space it sucks so now i am in cinnamon. there has to be way to force it to 1920x1080 but it won’t stay that way it it is weird. it will literally flip back to the tvs resoltution and that is when it gets messed up. i hope this makes sense it goes back to 1680 x1050 not 1920x1080. i don’t know what to do. maybe an update for the pantheon de? the only thing is i had it working at 1920x1080 before my computer crashed and lost everything.

PS: oh it takes about 5 minutes to revert. i literally set it 1920x1080 and i will be watching a movie and bam there it goes back to 1680x1050 if i don’t hook it to my tv it doesn’t happen it has to be a driver or the hdmi cable or idk cuz i suck with computers and don’t really know a thing lol

another thing it does is reverts from LoDP(1x) to HiDPI (2x) and that is when everything gets HUGE unreadable

PS: it has been longer than 5 minutes and it has not reverted i went back into pantheon from cinnamon but i have little faith this will stay without the problem coming back because it always does :frowning:

one more update errrr… it has been about an hour or so and still yet to revert. my display and resolution are doing okay again. odd… so odd… i hope it stays

it’s been working now. idkw it is working now and wasn’t earlier. sorry about the long thread.

as odd as this seems i know i set gnome to 1920x1080 and mirror and it seemed to fix things in pantheon but I DON’T KNOW WHAT FIXED IT :slight_smile:

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