Panel icons and disappearing wallpaper

Hi there,
I have 2 specific problems related to Plasma and they both appeared in the same time, so I decided to put them in one topic, if you don’t mind. I am not really sure if they are related though. I found out how to add more virtual desktops and start working with them few days ago.

  • After that first problem has appeared. I noticed icons on panel became tiny if I launch any program or just switch to another desktop.
    So I tried to find how to make them bigger in system setting. They are on maximum size.
    First what came to my mind was make it smaller → apply → make it maximum → apply
    This does work until I exited system settings. After that it shrink back to size 22 instead of 48 lol. Application launcher for scale.

  • The second problem is that whenever I boot my wallpaper disappears. But it is not like I have the default one. I literally got blackscreen as wallpaper. I tried to set again and reboot, also set default one and reboot. None of this helped. I know that if I set wallpaper and move the picture somewhere else this can happen, but that is not the case now.

Well, both problems are kinda annoying, but I believe there are some quick fixes.
My system is up to date I run sudo pacman -Syu very often.

Edit: I should have said that only icons in task manager widget are problematic.

About the icons I opened system settings, choose light theme in quick settings and then dark again. It resets the panel and fix the problem. However it looks a bit different , but I don’t really care.

Second problem was caused by KDE itself they probably broke something. After few updates they fixed blackscreen and it always sets me some new default background wallpaper, better than before, but I hope they will fix that as well.

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