Pamac Tray App Indicator, not working?

How long should this download take:

yay -S pamac-aur

It has been 40 minutes.

Yesterday, I tried the @FredBezies version.


After 5 hours it was stuck at the line:

Manjaro users…

Any help is most appreciated…


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It should not take that long for sure. Go to the welcome app and update your mirrors, sounds like you are trying a very slow one or one not close to you. :world_map:


Yea it should just about take you longer to type yay -S pamac-aur and enter your password than to download and install.

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Yea it took me very little time, I would update mirrors as @ramblinwreck said.

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So, is the tray icon working in Mate?

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Oh yes it is @ricklinux I mean’t to post that after getting coffee and forgot lol. :rofl:



EndeavourOs has never had a problem with pamac tray indicator not properly notifying you of updates, unlike Manjaro. I use pamac-aur-git.

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