Pamac-aur-git warning on building it

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==> WARNING: PACKAGER should have the format ‘Example Name email@address.invalid
==> Making package: pamac-aur-git 9.0.1.r9.g5cadbe2-1 (Wed 23 Oct 2019 03:51:54 PM PDT)

If it helps anyone, on my old Antergos system I just got a pacman update warning that breaks pamac…
I’m using KDE & LTS on this rig.

Now, checking my server running EndeavourOs KDE & LTS I get
package requires pacman<5.2 error
as well as ilmbase replace with openexr error

If I keep ilmbase upgrade fails…I’m going to leave it for now.

I have no idea if they are related, just saying…

as this is only the buildinstruction ( PKGBUILD )
you are the “packer” as you do building a package with yay :upside_down_face:

So the issue is on your side.
And everyone building this and do not have makepkg configured for a packer email.

But it is only a warning. And as you do not provide the package for others also no issue.
This is due the latest pacman update.

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Yay was not updated, until a few hours ago, for pacman 5.2 I don’t know now …

ilbbase going to replace openexr, just say y on that one …thats no error…

pamac is current not compatible depend on upstream they fix it…shortest is removing pamac :slight_smile: or just wait some days more…

@FredBezies is maintaining pamac-aur-git :wink:

And it seems to be working well, I have it now prebuilt in my own repos.

Well… Last yay is 9.4.2 on AUR with pacman 5.2 support included. About openexr? You have to accept this replacement.

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Pamac-aur-git: install warning

this is also not in any way related to a BUG on EndeavourOS