Pamac-aur 11.0.1-2

Hi to all , i update pamac-aur and now it looks ugly still total white and i can’t change the titlebar style … it’s about the xapp package or something else ?i’m using EndevaourOs Kde

Pamac is a Manjaro product that fails a lot. Just wait until it’s updated again. If you’d like to know more about it, just search pamac here. It’s been very very extensively covered…

If you need something other than pacman, I’d strongly encourage you to check out pacseek in the AUR.

Any reason not to use yay or paru?

I use pamac-aur-git version or should i say i have it installed. Not necessarily using it much.

When I’m not quite sure of a package title I like to use pamac .

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Pacseek is my go to for this kind of stuff.

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It looks like pamac has migrated to gtk4 and libadwaita recently. That would limit your ability customize it.

That may be what you are seeing here.


this is what i see i don’t think it’s normal

Personally don’t like graphic installers I think they waste resources. However personal opinions aside as stated pamac is a manjaro product. I don’t know if that is how its supposed to look or not as stated i don’t believe in them.

Maybe try an alternative if you just prefer the gui interface over command line.

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What doesn’t look normal? That looks more or less what I remember it looking like. . .

That looks correct to me.

Problem it is not what you think, but how it should look and according to this :

it looks fine. Since it’s a GTK application in a QT environment, you could read this :

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I have the same issue . I also have the problem with qbittorent and duckduckgo…