Pairing a bluetooth mouse to a live USB install without a mouse

Hello there!

I’m new to linux, and have managed to make my install unbootable. After some digging I think I’ve found a solution, and luckily still have my live USB install to do it through.

One problem though, I just moved, and only brought my bluetooth mouse with me. I have no idea how I can pair it to the live install to actually perform the repair, or at least to perform it more easily. I guess figuring out how to connect to the internet and open a terminal without the mouse is also a solution.

It’s a bit of a silly problem, but I also really don’t fancy buying a throw away mouse or investing in a nice one just yet, and it’s a great opertunity to learn something anyways.

Thanks for any help!

Hello and welcome, @NigelWhite! :enos:

From a terminal in the live-iso, run:
sudo systemctl start --now bluetooth

This should lead you further on via the command bluetoothctl (scroll down a bit):

Pairing via bluetoothctl


That worked! Thank you. My keyboard situation is… funky, to put it simply, but I managed to right click key the desktop, open a terminal, and then that command + short guide extract was exactly what I needed.

Shame the fix I found wasn’t what I needed to fix my linux :sweat_smile: Plenty of time to learn these commands by heard over consective fix attempts.

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Glad you managed to get your bt-mouse engaged. :wink:

You could just open up a new thread for this. :v:

Have done, which I will now shamelessly plug :stuck_out_tongue: Failed to mount /efi after botched update

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