Pacman -qm not working

sudo pacman -Q works completely fine but -Qm just asks for a password and outputs absolutely nothing. I have a bunch of stuff installed and things I installed myself and I wanna remove some of those things like OSS because I installed the wrong one but it wont show me what I have installed

pacman {-Q --query}

For just querying pacman, there is no need for sudo.

On my end, pacman -Qm works as expected.

-m, --foreign list installed packages not found in sync db(s) [filter]

Do you have any packages installed from outside the repos specified in /etc/pacman.conf?

Have a look at:

pacman -Q --help

for more options.

pacman -Q shows you what you have installed.

pacman -Qm shows you packages that are not currently in a repo

I am not sure either of those things really helps you with your goal.

I would install paclog and use paclog --action=install and the read up from the bottom for packages you recently installed if I understand what you are trying to do.

This didn’t work for me but

paclog --action install


Oops yeah, it should paclog --action=install

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Seems to work both with and without =.

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Note that you don’t need sudo in commands pacman -Q or pacman -Qm.

How exactly did you install them? Did you use pacman or yay, or something else?