Pacman -Q - applications missing

Okay - I like to slim down Arch system of applications I don’t use after a new install.
This pertains to a pure Arch installation.
Arch installs a games folder with 3 games by default. Block Attack! - Checkers - and Sudoku.
When I do pacman -Q in terminal these applications aren’t detected.
How to uninstall Block Attack! and Sudoku?

Are you sure? Where do you see that?

I have never noticed that on any of my Arch or EOS installs. Maybe they are part of your DE?

Are they in your menu? If so you could find the .desktop file and see which package owns it with

pacman -Qo /path/to/file

Which distro are you on? Pacman -Qs xx will see otherwise there isnt… if stil do running, is it a ssd? Does it has rzmenants of previous install?

Block Attack! desktop entry = blocks
Application location is in /usr/bin/blocks plus theres the /usr/share/applications/ desktop entry.

My question is why don’t they appear in terminal with Pacman -Q.
Lxde desktop environment
Perhaps this games folder got installed as a dependency

If itz installes you can query it local and should see in pacman -Qi is there any pacman notification has possible another reason

This is a native Arch Linux iso direct from

Als dalto statee with pacman -Qo is only way to look which package is owner a games is not a depency, it needs depency arch would not bring it


Use pacman -Qo on the desktop entry.


and we have a winner
pacman -Qo /usr/bin/blocks is owned by fltk 1.3.5-1.3

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Yup fltk

Imagine that fltk installs shitty games :rage:
Fltk - Supposed to be a toolkit !!

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