Pacman not detecting newer packages from arch repositories

I think these images sum up the problem I am facing.


Pacman should detect the 6.7.2 version of the zen kernel and install it i think.

In addition to this, you would need to refresh your arch mirrorlist as well.


That worked! I have 5 months of system package updates to install now, since I somehow managed to not notice for such a long time.

That’s a lot! Crossing fingers here for everything to work out.

Hi, I’m having the same issue.
I’m stuck with 6.6.10

pacman -Ss linux-zen
extra/linux-zen 6.6.10.zen1-1 [installed]
    The Linux ZEN kernel and modules
extra/linux-zen-docs 6.6.10.zen1-1
    Documentation for the Linux ZEN kernel
extra/linux-zen-headers 6.6.10.zen1-1 [installed]
    Headers and scripts for building modules for the Linux ZEN kernel

With firefox 121.0.1

extra/firefox 121.0.1-1 [installed]
    Standalone web browser from

I’ve run the eos-rankmirrors and reflector-simple but the issue remains


What command did you run to update?

Try deleting/commenting the first mirror on the list from /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

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Thanks, that seams to have fix it
It was the mirror Server =$repo/os/$arch

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Arch updates come down multiple times per day. How did you not notice? :thinking:

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