Pacman - info on updated packages

Good morning (at least here in germany),

since installing eOS im having a pretty good going with pacman, yay and arch in general. But one thing bothers me - how do i get information on the change when updating packages?
After pacman -Syy i can get a list of upgradable packages with pacman -Qu and information for these packages with pacman -Qui , but the latter only lists general information for that package.

My question is - how can i get information on the content of the update, or changelog? Mostly the pacman -Quc says that there is no changelog in place, but i think there must be a way to get that information?

grep -iE "2021-04-17.*upgraded" /var/log/pacman.log

As an example.

I meant before actual upgrading, so after pacman -Syy get the info on the changed content of the packages.

pacman -Qc is the syntax but virtually no packages actually contain this information so it is probably a waste of time. Even when they do, it is often fairly useless information like “Updated from upstream”.

You should be very cautious of doing this. If you aren’t careful you can end up in a partial update situation. If you want to see the pending updates, use checkupdates instead.


I think they are looking for specific information about what changed between versions. For example, “Fixed a regression in blah blah” or “Added feature xyz”.

So I fail to get it yet again :rofl:

This exactly. But it seems not possible…

Yay -Syu will give you an option before installation to compare what is being upgraded and the changes between them.

That is just the version number changes. The OP is looking for what actually changed in the software between each version.

I don’t think that’s possible, is it?

As stated above, pacman -Qc will show you the changes but almost no packages actually include this information and even when they do it is usually a meaningless commit history.