Pacman doing weird stuff

so. I tried to install flatpak and it went somewhat well. i had updated before and now its saying that its creating a new user and group called flatpak? and its running kernel install and dracut. i am new to linux (sort of). it doesnt affect the software its just weird and wastes my time because kernel install takes ages to do nothing beneficial to me.

From the Arch Wiki:

Flatpak is a tool for managing applications and the runtimes they use. In the Flatpak model, applications can be built and distributed independently from the host system they are used on, and they are isolated from the host system (‘sandboxed’) to some degree, at runtime.
Flatpak uses OSTree to distribute and deploy data. The repositories it uses are OSTree repositories and can be manipulated with the ostree utility. Installed runtimes and applications are OSTree checkouts.

From OSTree:

OSTree is a system for versioning updates of Linux-based operating systems. It can be considered as “git for operating system binaries”.

In other words, each Flatpak comes with its own binaries (apps, libraries, etc.) and usually don’t use those present on your system unless you specifically allow it to do so.

I noticed that in another post you mentioned that you started using Linux recently, so welcome to the community! You’ve chosen a distribution that can be used by anyone but was specifically made for those whom are tech-savvy and willing to learn how their system operates. With that in mind, please ensure you consult the Arch Wiki often, as it actually has a lot of information and even tutorials on how to do stuff with your system.

Lastly, if the software you need can be found in Arch’s Official Repositories or the Arch User Repository, it is recommended to use those first.

i understand. gotta get used to actually searching on the archwiki! eventually i may be considered the “tech-savvy”, who knows. still doesnt explain the mysterious user, but it doesnt do anything to my system. must be some temporary stuff.

for the aur thing, i do use yay for my AUR packages but i may install pacaur or something like that because yay is sort of confusing.

thanks for responding!

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The Flatpak you installed needs the other things it installed with it to function.

yes, dependencies i think is the name?

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yep thanks. i really have to learn the linux terms and stuff. sometimes can be hard.

Apps from the Official Repos and the AUR use dependencies that are already present on your system. This is more efficient and saves space.

is it possible to make it install it again if the original one was faulty or cant update? maybe a flag when installing?

Yes, it is. You may need to uninstall then reinstall it.

flatpak remotes    -> List installed
flatpak uninstall *name*    -> Uninstall
flatpak install *remote* *name*    -> Install

ok, thatll probably be useful in the future. i needa do my stuff now so thanks for helping me!

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