Pacman.conf.pacnew wants to remove [endeavouros], or am I misunderstanding?

I’m learning to manage .pacnew files with pacdiff in combination with meld, and I want to make sure I interpret correctly what I see in below screenshot:

  1. it seems to want to comment out the [multilib] repository, of which I’m not entirely sure why it’s uncommented - this could be because of an application choice I may have made during install, but I’m unsure how to check for installed packages from a specific repository.

  2. it seems to want to remove the [endeavouros] repository entirely.

Are my interpretations correct? If so, how do I check if I have anything installed from [multilib], and is removing the [endeavouros] repository something I want? (I suspect it isn’t…)

there is no want or recommendation it is a simple diff and shows only all the differences on the text :wink:

You have to merge them together in this case. Keeping the important parts of both files.

I also was looking at this but you don’t want to remove that. I did have another question though. The pacnew file is different for this one. I don’t know what these commands do so how can i know if i want to change it or not?

This is the old one.
#XferCommand = /usr/bin/curl -C - -f %u > %o

What do you mean you have to merge them. I’m still not getting this because that is in the pacman.conf not the pacnew and you use the pacman.conf?

You have to decide using human intelligence. There is no answer. If you don’t know what it does either ignore it and hope for the best or do the research to learn.

In this particular case, it is commented out. Is it removed or changed in the pacnew file?

pacman.conf is the same, unchanged pacman.conf you have before the update.

The .pacnew is what a uncustomized version of the new config file looks like.

So, you need to decide which elements from the new file need to be added and changed in the original.


Call it shitty phrasing. Files don’t “want” anything, and I understand what the .pacnew is for :wink:

Let me put it this way: if I were to choose to overwrite my current config with the .pacnew, do I understand correctly that it would 1. comment out [multilib] and 2. remove [endeavouros]? That’s really all I need to know :wink:

Okay but the Endeavouros stuff is in the pacman.conf not the pacnew? So what do you have to merge? The other stuff is already there?

Yes. But generally speaking that would be a bad idea.

You would be replacing your specific EOS pacman.conf with a generic copy from Arch.


The only difference between the two files is what you see in the screenshot (after I’ve manually done some editing and accepted the XferCommand differences Rick is talking about.
What would “merging” mean in this case? (Not a native speaker, so this might actually be a language failure on my end…)

There is no absolute answer to the question. You need to review what changed and decide what you do and don’t want to merge.

Alternatively, @joekamprad listed the changes to make above in this particular case.

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Yes it will

Just do this afterwards.

Utterly irrelevant, I never asked about yay or the AUR :wink:

merging means taking the pieces you want from both files and combining them. In this case, for that block in your screenshot, you want to keep the old and not the new.

Alternatively, you could accept the changes and then edit them back in again but that seems pointless.

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Joe was linking to that post I wrote in that thread.

Thank you, this was exactly what I asked. Will keep the config as it is and delete the .pacnew then (like I said, there are no other differences anymore besides the one highlighted in the screenshot).

but the thread also give the info on what to do with the pacnew file for pacman update and provides a working pacman.conf

I believe he was referencing this:

warning: /etc/pacman.conf installed as /etc/pacman.conf.pacnew be aware to merge new features and settings possible :wink:

you can use welcome button for diff & merge or do it manually:
changed lines:

#XferCommand = /usr/bin/curl -L -C - -f -o %o %u

newly added (the new killer feature)
#ParallelDownloads = 5

You just can’t see it in the preview.