Packages from other sources that aren't in arch repos

Hi. I have a rare need to test a specific package, that installs a client and uses wine to try and debug for another users. Only the other user is using mint and im evidently on EOS. The package appears in .deb, .rpm and .pkg.tar.xz.

I don’t think i have ever had to manually install something that isnt in the repos, where do i start? tutorial links or just a link to a guide would be handy, but im that out of the woods that im not even sure which package i should try and look into how i make a build from.

Cheers in advance.

It depends on the software and the package, so it is very difficult to give a general procedure here.

In some cases, simply unpacking the archive and running the executable might work. But more often than not, runtime dependencies are a huge problem, especially if the package was built with a more stable distro in mind, like Mint.

Have you looked in the AUR? If it’s not in the AUR, perhaps you can find a flatpak for it? Or an Appimage? Or, even better, the source code? If you had the source code, there is a good chance you could build it yourself (assuming the build dependencies are not outdated). In that case, it would be build against dependencies installed on your system, so it would work.

Can you run Mint in a VM and try it there?

If you have a USB or external drive you can install TAILS or Kali Linux on it which are both Debian based and can easily be installed as such to do this with so you don’t even need to touch your normal computer.

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Install Mint in a VM and test there. If you are testing for another person and they use Mint, test on the system they are using.

Cheers for responses.
I do have a mint USB somewhere from 2 years ago, does anything i do stay on the live USB or does it vanish upon reboot? Assuming i can test on this without making a whole install i will try that.

VMs are a little out of spec for this PC sadly, feels like a lot of effort when performance will take a big hit.

Code is sadly for an older, closed-source program for one of the old command and conquer games. We have a newer client which is open source and has actual documentation for running it on linux, but i myself have never even tried to run the closed source one (that for some reason still has a community of people who refuse to move). From a brief look at the package it seems to be using wine rather than being built for linux natively, might just fiddle with wine.