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So, i was trying to install EndeavorOS (with Budgie Desktop*)when this error came up, log’s maked down Log.txt
a solution that i get on the Matrix forum, a User ( told to me to install without desktop, and that worked… maybe to you work as well

It looks like you tried to install many different desktops at the same time.

If you only selected one desktop it likely would have worked.

2023-07-25 - 21:16:49 [6]: [PYTHON JOB]: ":: mutter43 and mutter are in conflict"
indeed some desktops have conflicting packages so installer will fail.
And installing Budgie will conflict with GNOME p.e. you need only to choose the Desktop and leave packages untouched or select stuff like printer support… but not selecting all desktops…

Agree, but maybe a warning is necessary to add to the installer where desktop selection is?
Just a thought

From my Point of view it would be better to not show other Desktops at all on the packages screen…
I saw it very often that users go to install all desktops… thats simply unsupported… but others may want to add i3 to a full Desktop what would not cause issues in most cases… same for adding lxde to kde or such… and the issue with Mutter package is only a current issue may tomorrow already solved and Budgie does nor need older verion of Mutter anymore… this is a rolling release and its basically arch and only a Helper to install an arch based system… every option bring in also possible issues :wink:

yeah that happend… I tried install all tha pckg to try some later, but it seems to not work, thank you!

that happend lol… it should display only to mark one option, not all that are available

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