Package conflicts with new pacman update will remove yay if i do it

but yay is not by arch so we have to wait

Take a look at the 2 other threads…I opted for a partial upgrade & wait.

how do i do that? i am still new arch based stuff

It was in testing earlier today. We all knew this was coming and I’m sure it’s being worked on already. I’ve gone well over a month without updating with zero ill effects to my system. I’ll just wait it out.

Look at the other threads…You can do: yay -S (whatever package) & get only what you want upgraded.


Where are the mods? So many duplicate topics.

If your yay is borked you can still use trizen with pacman 6.0.

I’m running Gnome & there is an extension that checks for updates–if you are on other DE’s there is a command to just see the upgrades–I don’t remember what it is though…

That’s not really how that works. That is how you can install something without upgrading other things. You DON’T want to do partial updates, because that could render your system even worse than not having yay.

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I know “bad JuJu” lol I keep a very close look on my system & I would expect that this will be over soon.

Most are probably asleep at this point realistically. Most everyone is from Europe to Eastern USA. But, the European folks should be up soon

Yeah, I tend to live vampire hours anyway.



Anddddd on that note. It’s 20:40 local time. I’m going to bed before there’s 400 more posts about yay disappearing.

As long as you’re not a help vampire (you’re certainly not from what I have seen of you), that’s fine by me.

I normally use paru as my AUR helper (which is more or less a drop-in replacement for yay), and it seems that paru is broken as well. However, the paru-git package is working. I’m not sure if it’s advisable to use a -git package just because the normal and -bin packages don’t work, but it’s working so here we are. I’ll switch back to the regular paru package once the issue is fixed over there as well. I imagine that this is the same issue in yay and paru since paru is essentially just a rewrite of yay which is being developed more actively, so it’s at least somewhat relevant in this thread.

ETA: according to this thread, just installing yay from the AUR is enough to (somewhat) fix the problem. I haven’t tried that, though.

Patience is your main friend in this case! I know we are spoiled rotten by Arch’s timely updates, but we can’t expect everyone to automagically ‘know’ that the change has been pushed out to mirrors already!

Yasy, paru, probably aura as well - need to be rebuilt against the new libraries (and may have been in -git versions) - so I doubt it’ll take more than a day or so. It’s not even a weekend - and your system won’t be hurt by postponing updates for a bit!

In the meantime - if your AUR packages need updating - you can use yay -Sua, which will update ONLY AUR packages, and leave the main updates for a day or so…

just wait new version for yay ,
also be careful change on make.conf

please go here:

Partial updates = broken system in the long run.

Terminal command checkupdates will tell you what is in the list. Easiest, safest I know of… :grin:

OTOH - if you want pretty - checkupdatesext should be there too on EnOS systems! Both will list updates IF there are any outstanding.