Package compression

packages have switched form xz to zst for packages that I build myself what do I need to change in makepkg.conf to switch? is it a matter editing the pkgext line or someting else?

Not absolutely sure how Arch devs are going to support various compressions, but currently both xz and zstd and some others AFAIK are supported. So there’s no hurry I guess.

Changing PKGEXT will make makepkg produce e.g. zst files.

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yep didn’t think there was a hurry just wondering how to produce a zst file to compare with xz

wow zst is significantly faster than xz

Yes it is, both directions.
It also seems to produce slightly bigger archives, at least without any options. But that shouldn’t be a problem nowadays.

BTW, the tar program has option --zstd which can be used for creating other archives.

EndeavourOS repos are going to use Zstd compression.
All of our new packages will be compressed using zstd from now on.
This brings quite a massive speed-up for both compression and decompression. :smile:

Arch devs have already used that for some time, so package management operations are expected to work just like before.