Paccheck lists filesystem as broken?

I ran
sudo paccheck --sha256sum --list-broken --recursive
to see if all my packages were okay, but it returned

Is this bad?

lsb-release and filesystem contain the files /etc/lsb-release and /etc/os-release respectively.

We update those files so your system identifies as EndeavourOS. That is why it is showing that those packages have changes.

I have no idea why vlc is showing errors though.


Not necessarily.
You can see the failing files with

sudo paccheck --sha256sum filesystem lsb-release vlc

We know filesystem and lsb-release get EndeavourOS branding changes, so that is OK.

But for vlc I’m not sure. It might be related this this output by pacman:

(4/4) Updating the vlc plugin cache...
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Thanks. Will try to figure out why VLC is in there.

Here’s the output of sudo paccheck --sha256sum filesystem lsb-release vlc

filesystem: '/usr/lib/os-release' sha256sum mismatch (expected 46108f7e84f5d5994678133d412d5ec6222c53f28e6bf7ac66cc07788a7ee66d)
filesystem: '/usr/share/factory/etc/issue' sha256sum mismatch (expected c774dbbcaea38ee1c1141d0daf82aa8177bfb26aca896d6f0c4ccdc902f6ac42)
lsb-release: '/etc/lsb-release' sha256sum mismatch (expected b68bca433bb6b36e7d285daf52a8b93f9a284ecede61aded2e25ec6f78b134af)
vlc: '/usr/lib/vlc/plugins/plugins.dat' sha256sum mismatch (expected 4e676bf8ed00ab35a7c16f8c22eed417924ce30fb96ad3e3962d4a041025eba5)

Nothing to worry about in that list.

That seems fine. The plugins data is getting updated.

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Thanks, guys. :+1:

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I have the exact same output on mine .

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also logical to have a mismatch as we do change them for EndeavourOS original are for archlinux :wink:

we need to check this b.t.w. @manuel @dalto @ricklinux Privacy_Policy_URL is new in it seems

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