Overwatch crashes my SATA SSD

My laptop is newer than the game, and while it’s a fairly mid gaming laptop, it runs the game pretty well and always had. It’s an Asus GL553VE, as stated in the first post.

I’m just asking for general technical guidance here to try and see what I can do to find the root cause of my problem, if it happens to be a hardware issue with my motherboard or a power delivery failure (because it’s evident by now that it’s not limited to Overwatch), in which case I’d like some guidance as to how can I even diagnose that.

I’m not demanding you help me, so please don’t take it as such. Anyone who has a clue of what’s going on can chime in on this. Thanks for the suggestions, in any case.

Doesn’t the caddy connect via SATA cables to the board? Or does it press into a another plug?

Edit: It looks like standard SATA cables connect to it? If that’s the case then I would try replacing the cables since you already replaced the caddy and switched drives.