Out of the box bluetooth support

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I noticed that bluez, bluez-utils, gnome-bluetooth, gnome-shell, and gnome-control-center are all installed out of the box, but systemctl bluetooth.service has not been started or enabled.

This may be confusing for new users attempting to access bluetooth after a fresh install.

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I think this is the default mainly for security reasons out of the box. Better to have it off and need to figure out turning it on, than to have it on without knowing and somebody else figure it out.

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security and powersaving is the reason to not have BT enabled per default, also some wifi-BT chip combinations would not work without config if BT is enabled.
And indeed EndeavourOS is terminal based and you need to take a look under the hood a bit to control your hardware.


I think Bluetooth is one of those things that only needs to be enabled when you need to use it. This applies to all computers, but laptops of course, as well as mobile phones/cellphones. It just wastes power if you’re not using it. I know I’m stating the obvious but hey, just sayin’ :wink:

Just turn off what you are not using and enable it when you need it. The less power we use the less it costs for us, and more importantly the less energy we use the better it is for the planet we live upon! :green_heart:


Makes sense. Thanks all.

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