Our next release is nearing its due date

Originally published at: https://endeavouros.com/news/our-next-release-is-nearing-its-due-date/

The wait is almost over, after two postponements we finally can announce the launch of our newest ISO…

Before I go into detail with the very exciting list of enhancements and new features the upcoming release is shipping, I’m also going to give you an update on other projects you can expect very soon, so here goes…

Arch Linux video tips on Discovery

We already have a wiki on the EndeavourOS website and some extra articles on the Discovery website to enhance the user experience. We’ve noticed that a lot of users search the internet for videos when an issue has arisen to solve the problem and often they involve solutions that specifically are addressed for Ubuntu or Debian users and a lot of new users get stuck after performing the first couple of steps.

This is why we’re going to present you a place where you can find a selection of high-quality videos with clear and easy instructions to help you solve an issue while running EndeavourOS.

We’d like to thank Derek Taylor (Distrotube), Chris Titus Tech and Eric Adams for giving their permission in sharing their videos to enhance the experience of our users.

You can find a selection of their videos on Discovery later this month and don’t forget to like the video or subscribe to their channels if it was useful to you.

Translated website

Earlier, I informed you that our website is going to get translated versions, the website is going to be translated in Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Greek, German and French.

We’re hoping to present the first translated websites in French, German, Spanish and Russian in June, followed by the other languages.

We’re still looking for volunteers who can help us with Italian, Portuguese and of course, other languages. If you’re interested, please contact us on our forum or Telegram, you can also use the contact form on the website.

Desktop Environment theming

We’ve decided to let go of the theming of each Desktop Environment, due to the enthusiastic reactions we’ve received on our December release. Starting from our upcoming release, all Desktop Environments on the net-installer will be installed vanilla-themed with the option to install our branded wallpaper. So, unlike the December release, XFCE will be installed vanilla themed also.

Our offline XFCE install will still be shipping the themed version.

April release

The April release will be shipping some major changes we’ve been working on the past few months, some of those are:

  • Universal ISO boot, so NVIDIA running system can now also boot the ISO.
  • New Calamares branding
  • LUKS encryption
  • During install, a terminal window will pop up to show the progress of the installation. This is to avoid users prematurely quitting the installation, because the process bar in Calamares looks like it’s stalling, while the system is proceeding without a hitch.
  • Our own mirror will be installed as the first choice, next to the existing Github mirror. For already running systems, there will be a simple transfer through the welcome app available.
  • All Desktop Environments are installed vanilla themed in the net-installer, the offline installer will install our themed XFCE as experienced in the Live environment.
  • A fix for dual-booting
  • Pahis a script to show the history of one or all packages.
  • EndeavourOS log tools a GUI app to help to post log files when reporting a bug.
  • All unnecessary drivers will be automatically removed during the last phase of the install.
  • And…

Yes, this release will ship the long-awaited i3-wm simply configured to make your jumpstart with it.

The set-up only uses LXappearance to be able to handle GTK themes, so it doesn’t use a Desktop Environment as a base.

The April release will be available on:

Easter Sunday 12 April.

Sorry for the strange layout on the forum, Wordpress refused to format a list and the headings are smaller over here than on the website, for a more readable layout check the website. (link in the post.)

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French translation made using deepl.com. I had to modify about 5% of the the translation.

It is the biggest announcement ever made :slight_smile:


I agree 100% with the decision on Desktop Environment Theming. I also like the idea of the videos and would like to see that enhanced to have specific videos on how to do something particular in EndeavourOS from start to finish. Again great work by all involved i know it’s been a difficult time and i really hope your getting well.

Edit: Happy Easter To All!


I super like this actually. Theming is one of the things that really irks me about most distros. I’m really glad to see this.

I’m also very excited to see this. I’ve already got some of my dotfiles ready to give it a go!. I’m hoping to post up XFCE + i3 EOS sometime next week then :slight_smile: If it goes well (and why wouldn’t it?) Maybe I’ll do a write up for others.

Easter Sunday? As the distro that rose up from the dead. . . the irony isn’t lost.


I just tried updating the installer from my live USB, nice! So glad to have the logging enabled now during install! I love that purple wallpaper too!

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@SGS made it.


Romanian translation is on.





Greek translation is on, too.


The Endeavour team is doing an awesome job

Once Endeavour gets up to 100 reviews on Distrowatch and appears on the default top rated list, there will be a surge in popularity

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And an explosion of problems with it… You know, lazy people who do not - want to - read warning and little things like that.


Looks like you were right. Since the new iso appeared at the top of the front page, there’s already a funny new negative review complaining about the software library and having to use commands to install things


There is always going to be people who doesn’t read/think before acting, ie installing a distro. But to anyone else a negative review like that one, is a good review.

I’m pretty sure there are going to be accusations of being elitist due to the “terminal stance”, and so on. Please take that as a compliment, and please don’t “Ubuntu” this distro down trying to suit everybody. :wink:


Where is this review?