Our little gnome turns 40

yay, time to celebrate :partying_face:

Today is release day.

Haven’t seen a release video yet… :thinking:

Let’s see when it hits the (stable) arch repo.


40 is not too old to change one’s mind :smile:

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yeah. Sure, there ARE a lot of vids about Gnome 40 already, but no official one :neutral_face:
But Nick is alright, i appriciate his content.


i’m actually excited about this one. gnome has always been good for multitasking and it always gets better and i’m really looking forward to this release

I’m glad they’re finally catching up with this “workspace” thing. Workspace switching certainly hasn’t been around since… uh… WindowMaker? CDE? 1990?




In b4 the list of complaints the bar is on the bottom now. :sweat_smile:

Not long ago someone was trying to sell me an idea that they invented this workspace thingy in Windows10. I was just sitting there all confused with my i3 laptop. :rofl:

Anyway, Gnome 40 looks somehow suited for a touchscreen. Does anyone know if it could work with a tilling window manager and which one has a good synergy?

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@BONK, as @jonathon said they probably take inspiration in 1990s. :laughing:

There was a shell script that could be run as an extension that made it tile. No idea if it works now though.

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Just tried it, it is in Gnome Unstable, but it doesn’t launch, I get the “Aw snap” screen, so I rolled back.

I’ll give it a look over. They still use those stupid extensions thing, so it’s unlikely I’ll ever actually use it, but it’s cool to re affirm it’s still not for me.


I just updated, rebooted, and …it’s the same UI. Seems a bit more responsive but nothing is different. Hmmm…


Despite the fact that I’m a die-hard MATE user, GNOME works really well on a touchscreen so I have it running on a tablet. As they say, “swings and roundabouts”. :joy:


Hmmm indeed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You know. That’s right! I DO actually use GNOME. I have it on my Raspberry Pi that I hook up to my TV! GNOME is great with it’s big dopey icons and click and click everything. It’s just not my laptop distro. I just use my laptop 99% of the time unless I’m watching Baseball or Football. Everything has it’s use.

Fedora 34 is downloading currently. I’ll be checking out shortly!

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This is like a breath of fresh air compared to the last monstrocity of GNOME. This almost feels usable. I will definitely be giving it some more of my time. I really like the switcher stuff, and the three finger swipe.

Screenshot from 2021-03-24 22-49-20

Screenshot from 2021-03-24 19-54-58

Screenshot from 2021-03-24 19-55-05


I use Gnome with the gnome-shell-extension-pop-shell shell extension. I think it comes from - as the name suggests - Pop OS!

It works great. Not quite a window manager, but I’m happy with it.

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Does anyone know of a good quality wireless/bluetooth trackpad that works with Linux? The only thing I really miss from macOS are the trackpad gestures. The new Gnome 40 ones seem to mirror the key ones.

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That was my experience too. I updated last night and didn’t see anything of the new workspace switcher, etc, but it did feel snappier. Were my mirrors just not caught up yet? I’m in the US.

I believe it’s only in the Arch testing repos so far. You won’t see any update here until it hits stable.