OSD not appearing

Hi all, I tried different distros on my notebook in the past and I always found the osd (volume, screen brightness…) already working, the same is not happening with EndeavourOS, any idea?

Which DE are you using and could you give us also some hardware specs.

I’m using a Thinkpad X220 with xfce4

So, to be clear nothing is working on the audio, screenbrightness and volume?

Yes, I mean, everything is working but no OSD at all. I know it’s just a visual thing but it’s kind of nice to see the levels on the screen.

i do have this here on default install and settings (only changed to ark dark)

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Yes, I didn’t check notifications and by default they were set to “do not disturb”. Thank you.

oh yes may you do a vanilla install? (online)

Yes I did that

By the way, I think this is the best Linux forum ever and this os is the best I tried so far, please guys keep this thing going :+1: