Os broken after install

I’ve been using garuda for few months already and decided to check out endevour but the start has been rough. After installing the os i tried to update the OS with sudo pacman - Syyu (yes i removed kalu) and then asked me if i want to replace stuff like bind-tools with extra/bind ilmbase with extra/openxr libutil-linux with core/libutil-linux-libs libwbclient with extra/smbclient pygobject-devel with extra/python-gobject refind-efi with extra/refind and then it says pythonpyqt5 and pyqt5-common are in conflict and if i want to remove pyqt5-common but no matter what it throws out “error: unresolvable package conflicts detected error: failed to prepare transaction (conflicting dependencies) ::python-pyqt5 and pyqt5-common are in conflict”. Also I’m writing this on a phone because when i try to open the forum on my pc the website loads but its all white
edit 1: Apparently that was just firefox issue

Can you share which ISO you are using and where you got the ISO from?

Some of things you are getting asked for replacements on aren’t even things we include in our ISO and others are very old.

well problem is i don’t remember since i downloaded it yesterday and didn’t install it until today. Good news is i have the torrent file since i backed up the qbit folder with them and it’s apparently a 2019 version

Yeah, if you try to apply 3 years worth of updates at the same time, that is going to be a complete nightmare.

Please try again with the latest ISO from official sources.