[OPINION] Archlinux's increased popularity has adversely affected it

In recent years arch has become quite popular mostly because of the meme culture which slowly destroyed it’s real identity and now people install Arch as some kind of badge. I am sick looking at all these posts saying “I just switched to arch…”, honestly I don’t care that you installed Arch on your PC. .

This was posted today https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=273998

HI I am new to arch and I switched to arch linux today from windows 11 . Arch is my first linux distro smile but still I am a complete noob in linux and I don’t know how to change sound in xfce desktop.

And the thing is that this is not the only example. This person will be going back to window11 and say linux is bad. Until you understand it, master it and learn it like you would anything else in the world, you should not switch to arch. And even if you do then have a will to solve your problems yourself first before positing on r/unixporn “Hi I am 12 and here’s my i3 rice”. Do not take this as some hate speech, I am making this post in hopes to make sure people know that what they are doing to make the community a better place.

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well, this is preaching to the choir. it’s sad this is happening, but I guess social media is a better place to raise awareness to this fact.


Not sure what you’re on about to be honest. All I see is a new user asking a new user question and then being politely and informedly given a solution. Now if you want to make the Arch linux community a better place post there. EndeavourOS is not Arch according to upstream. We have no problem helping people like this here. We even encourage it.


In addition, if the volume control in XFCE is their only problem so far it must have been a successful transition from Win11 to Arch.


We need a new [POLL]

What do you think about Arch’s popularity?

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  • Who the hell is this Arch?


Its been Endeavour all along :wink:


I get your point, but arguing that someone installing arch without knowing enough to run it and then going back to windows changes “archs real identity” doesnt make much sense? Either they stay long enough to have an impact, or they dont?
People being bad at judging a technical challenge and overestimating their own abilities is something all of us constantly do (im looking at YOU, IT-Worker with imposter syndrome that is currently browsing through stackexchange!). Nothing wrong with it either.

You cant both want for your distro to become more popular and for it to stay the same. Thats impossible. But engaging in a dialogue (as we currently do) about what all of that might look like, and actively shaping it by helping new users is possible.


I don’t really understand your point.

None of the things you are referencing seem to have anything to do with Arch itself.

I am fairly certain that most of staff of Arch Linux aren’t making decisions based on new users asking questions on the forum or random reddit posts.


Why two choices this time :thinking:

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I’m going with Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

No one is making you read all these posts you know. Perhaps EndeavourOS isn’t the distro for you, this is quite a toxic attitude on display here and one that does not apply to EndeavourOS, which gladly encourages all types of new users. It is a bit odd that something so benign bothers you, which says more about you than a new user installing Arch for the first time. You should be happy for them or at the very least neutral to the event. In any case you might want to do some retrospection, because this toxic attitude will not fly here and I will call you out on it each time I see it. This is a community meant to encourage and educate, and above all be kind, and the current path you seem to have chosen is gate-keeping, which is the polar opposite of what EndeavourOS stands for.


I guess I just underwent a “democratic transformation” since last time :sweat_smile:

Still perhaps just better: Red Star OS for the Masses:



I don’t think the project has been affected adversely at all.

The more people using Linux the better.

Personally I welcome all attempting to escape their Microborg overlords, and with Arch now the foundation for the SteamDeck it will become the most logical choice for gamers making the switch.

As long as new Arch users are prepared to read and learn I don’t see any issues. On the Arch forums help vampires will be spotted and politely but firmly handled. Helping them help themselves and “pinky spotting” is the best way to support them in their transition IMHO, noobs or not.

Not all that try Arch will stick with it, which is fine, but I don’t really see any downside to more people using it. A noob today may well become a maintainer one day, great FOSS projects like Arch have a way of inspiring people to pay it forward.


HI I am new to arch and I switched to arch linux today from windows 11 . Arch is my first linux distro smile but still I am a complete noob in linux and I don’t know how to change sound in xfce desktop.

Am I the only one who thinks this is quite obviously a troll post?


Totally disagree with this statement. It will not make the community a better place. On the contrary it excludes! I don’t particularly like this kind of mindset! Arch is arch! It’s just another Linux distro. Not everyone will like it. Not everyone will find it better than a non Arch distro such as Fedora. Lots of Linux users are just like Windows users and know very little about the OS whether it’s Windows or Linux. I don’t use Arch BTW i use EndeavourOS! It’s friendly, it’s inviting, it’s a journey, it’s intriguing, it’s a :rocketa_purple: … and it’s home!


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Who the hell is this Arch?

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