Opening the external disk with EaysyTAG

I have the Removable Drive Menu extension running on GNOME. When I plug in an external drive (usually a USB stick or backup HDDs) and click on the drive name in the extension menu to mount and open it, EasyTAG (necessarily installed) opens instead of the file manager. I also had this phenomenon earlier with KDE and Dolphin and its USB-icon in the bottom right of the tray. Why does EasyTAG push itself in front and how can I prevent this?

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looks like related to this… isee these issue popping up with some apps from time to time…

check ~/.config/mimeapps.list and search for EasyTAG in there exange it with nautilus ?

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Thanks @joekamprad for the link. But I could not find anything like that in the mimeapps.list. Also in the files that were described in the Arch-wiki, there is no reference to EasyTAG.

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Opening via the Open with (Files) dialog is the correct way, but it cannot be saved.

EasyTAG remains as the standard application.

do exactly this

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Yes, I did exactly THAT (see screenshot), only it can’t be saved or otherwise set. It is only a one-time thing.
I need to somehow make EasyTAG no longer the default application.

I think in the mimeapps file you have to specify the fully qualified name, not just nautilus… something starting with org.gnome etc

in the end this is an issue with how the application itself is packaged or even defaults to this…
I see the same with some other apps…

This seems to be a general problem with EasyTag, I used to have problems with it on other systems as well. Just did not necessarily want to take something with qt for the GNOME. But have now ET uninstalled again. My music is also largely ready, much is not added there and I can do with Rhythmbox.

The thread can be closed :wink:

The solution is: Uninstall EasyTAG :bomb:

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is set in its desktop file…
so a workaround could be to copy the dsktop file into users desktop dir:

cp /usr/share/applications/easytag.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/

and edit this one in the line:

removing that:


thats upstream:

Issue created
4 years ago:

Thanks Joe, I will give that a try. Btw, an error that was already reported 4! years ago …


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