OpenCPN installation problem

I am trying to install opencpn on i3 EOS using yay but I presume its not desktop specific problem

I am getting the following errors:

-> wxgtk3 not satisfied, flushing install queue

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:833 (message):
  Cannot run wxWidgets version test (!)

There is sone discussion on the AUR page, but I cant understand it and am too scared to post on the Arch pages !!! :slight_smile:

Can anyone help / lead me in the right direction, please?

Seems that this post linked there is relevant

They propose to apply a patch

It seems it’s been an embedded problem for some time now. @Zircon34 link seems to solve the issue by doing the install locally after applying PKGBUILD.diff file as a patch.

Thanks @Zircon34 @s4ndm4n ,
I will have to do what I have been meaning to do for ages then: learn more about installing packages rather than just yay <package name> as how to apply a patches or pretty much anything is ‘Double-Dutch’ (idiom: language or something I completely dont understand) to me
Any good, entry-level links to start my education would be a great help

I am no expert in this, but if you look at the diff text file you can see some line of code that are added or removed. You can apply the patch by either running the script (likely in the same folder than the file to be patched) or by manually editing the text file before installing the package.

Perhaps post the sequence of commands here and ask for help to inspect it before running.

Thanks @Zircon34,
I will do that, might take me a few days to get onto it tho
Is this a good place to start?

I was struggling to find my way with the patch etc, but then I remembered that I had OpenCPN installed on Manjaro, so I cheated.

I installed Pamac and then installed OpenCPN, no problems

I have no idea why it worked - I guess Pamac must install using a different method?

I’m also not sure if I can update using yay now but will uninstall Pamac and if needed in furutre reinstall it.