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I’m interested to try endeavouros but I would like to have pure free opensource distro and all packages. How to secure that?

  1. I want to use only official packages - are there only free open source software or proprietary too?

  2. What should I chose mark/unmark to obtaing pure free open source system just after installation?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome to EnOS! :wave:

EndeavourOS is based on Arch. Arch Linux, as of now doesn’t separate free and non-free packages. Some non free software will be found in the official Arch repos.
On EnOS, I think you’ll have to manually check the license of packages, which can get difficult if a package pulls in many dependencies. I hope someone else is able to help you with your query.

There is Parabola disro, which is Arch, but only free software.

Here is a relevant thread from Arch Linux Forum

Edit: I confused “free” and “open source”. Either way, I don’t think Arch Linux/EnOS has a dedicated repo for open source softwares.


Don’t confuse “free” and “open source” as being the same, they aren’t.


As mentioned above, EndeavourOS is not 100% free under the FSF definition.

If you want a fully free OS, the closest to EndeavourOS is GNU Parabola, as mentioned above.

there are some stuff with closed sources (propritary) installed for EndeavourOS for sure, like if you choose Nvidia driver to be installed plus common libs for audio and video usage (mp3 e.t.c.) but we do not have an option to not install them per default, you could only remove them from beeing installed with netinstall, or remove them after installing the system.

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As already mentioned I would suggest using parabola. I don’t know about your hardware specifically but as Joe mentioned you do have NVIDIA drivers your not going to have a very good day trying to only run open source. If your values are that strong and you do have Nvidia you may need to consider purchasing other equipments.

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Open sauce :yum:

There is virtual richard stallman somewhere on AUR for Arch…But it doesn’t work as good as on Debian :frowning: