Open CV segmentation fault in EOS KDE

Hi I installed Open CV from standard repository to build small c++ app. All vent as expected application builds and runs until cv::rectangle function (or another opencv drawing function) was called which causes segmentation fault and crash. Python bindings for opencv draws over image without problem but when I call draw functions from c++ code something went wrong. For the info running same code on another systems works ok and app with removed draw code runs on endeavour too. Is there way to fix that problem? I run it under KDE…

It seems likely there is a problem with your C++ code but there is not really enough information to know for sure.

It could work on another system because it is being compiled/optimized differently or it could be a different version of the library or about 100 other things.

To find out, you need to run the C++ code in a debugger and generate a stack trace to determine what is actually happening.

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To rule out a problem with OpenCV, try building a small example of it, before using it in your project.