Open as root and kde-servicemenus-rootactions not working

I first installed Open as root but nothing happens. kde-servicemenus-rootactions at least asks me for my password but after I press enter again, nothing happens.

Yes, some of the rootactions no longer work. That package hasn’t been updated in 6 years.

In most cases, the ones that don’t work are things you should be doing a different way to begin with.

What are you actually trying to do specifically?

I’m trying to make a program called corectrl open without me introducing my password

For the last 3 days I have been having the problem that the window that asks for my password disappears while I am typing it

OK, there seem to be instructions on how to do that. kate can open and edit files that are owned by root without running it as root so you should be able to modify those files without root actions. Just use kate as normal and when you try to save it will ask for your password.

Oh, I’m following a tutorial on youtube, if it doesn’t work I’ll look for another one.

Here’s the video:

Yeah, don’t use random video tutorials. At least 95% of them have some bad advice in them.


I think I’m going to reinstall the program, when I try to save on the folder /etc/polkit-1/rules.d/ kate says that the folder does not exist.

That is part of polkit. You would need to reinstall polkit in that case.

Oh that’s bad, I don’t want to touch polkit

yeah. old problem I have found an issue about kde-servicemenus-rootactions

My solution for this is to install Nemo and run it as root when needed. sudo nemo in terminal. only run when you absolutely need it, otherwise just run you default file manager as you normally would.