OOS seems to freeze at 8%

Hi everyone I’m new here I’m trying to install Endevour OS latest edition I have Wifi connected I get a failed message when I click the update mirrors .If I click on start Installer I get the terminal pop up then it starts downloading and stalls at 8% .it stayed like this for 40 mins .

Your wifi connection may not be stable. The mirrors shouldn’t error like that. It could be the connection is really slow. Try a wired connection. Also the installer will often take a long time to pass 8% because that is the point at which the installer is refreshing the keys and this takes a while. If your connection is slow it could take a really long time. The next ISO should be addressing this.

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You can always make an offline install… (you’ll have a huge update to make afterwards though ^^).


Wowww that’s awesome .Thanks for your fast reply.OK I’ll try a wired connection .

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