Only able to focus by right clicking

I’m using EndeavourOS Xfce edition and a Razer Viper Mini. A couple of days ago I was still able to use the little middle dpi button(remapped with razer software on windows) and it worked properly. Then it just stopped working so I remapped mb5 to the key I needed and that still works. However today I no longer get focus on windows by alt tabbing or when they pop up, I must right click the window to put it into focus. I suspect it has something to do with the game I’ve been playing recently called Warframe since these issues just started showing up as I began playing this game. I appreciate any help.

Edit: restarting display-manager fixes this issue so far. The bug did persist through multiple restarts and un/re-plugging of the USB.

Couldn’t find edit button so I’m updating in a new message. I am able to use the button again and xev registers it now. I’m absolutely confused about why it randomly started working again(after I lost my muscle memory for using that button, of course, XD).