Only 5 and 6 working on keyboard's number row

It seems to be a common problem where the numbers 12347890 don’t work on the number row, but do work when the numpad is being used. The popular solution to this is to press and hold alt+ctrl+super keys. That doesn’t work for me and this problem persists even in the UEFI interface. So can I be sure that this is a hardware problem?

Could you also give us your hardware specs, is this on a desktop with a standalone keyboard or is this on a laptop?
On every laptop I have over here all the number keys work, regardless of the keyboard lay-out or Linux distro. (I run both EndeavourOS and Fedora for work as my daily driver.)

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It’s a standalone keyboard with a desktop. It just randomly stopped working. As for specs, what’s important? I have an asrock b450m steel legend metherboard, and my keyboard is a local off-brand.

Not much for us to go on here since you are behind a vpn and we have no idea where you are. What is the make and model number of the keyboard. One thing you could try is to boot a live ISO and see if the issue persists.

It’s an atech kr-83. Also, what makes you say I’m behind a VPN?

It doesn’t even work in the UEFI interface.

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Seems like you are not alone with this problem. Maybe try some of the suggestions here:

otherwise might be time for a new keyboard.

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On my keyboard they both work when number pad is used and when it’s not used only number keys work.

1111222233334444555566667777888899990000 Number pad off (keypad)
1111222233334444555566667777888899990000 Number pad on (number pad)

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

Yes …i think so.

Edit: They both work. The number pad only works when its turned on.

Borrow a keyboard from a working system and see if that helps!

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