Online installer says it'll give you a vanilla themed desktop?

The online option for the EOS installer says “Online method lets you choose your desktop, with vanilla theming”, except I got an EOS-themed Plasma instead of vanilla theming. Is this description in the installer no longer accurate or do I misunderstand it?

As far as I’m aware, there is no such thing as EndeavourOS-themed Plasma. Xfce offline install is the only one that is themed.

It came with an EndeavourOS theme by default

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Wow, that’s certainly something new. Just switch to Breeze and it will be vanilla, unless they’ve change something else.

The description should probably be updated then.

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I like the theme, was just wondering if the description on the installer needs to be revised.

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@joekamprad bad boy!



oh no !
Yes it is themed or schemed I am ashamed now!

This came with eos-settings-plasma and we could not hold back to colorize it to look spacy :milky_way:

But we setup to fix issues with the defaults only, it is indeed only minimal.
And you can unselect the package while installing:

And the same for all other Desktops.



I read it differently - you just forgot the punctuation :slight_smile:

install a vanilla, themed desktop


install a vanilla but themed desktop

One could argue that themed is not vanilla :grin: though

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Overall, I like the idea of a little bit of theming on Plasma. It is intimidating enough (to theme) without being ugly too! :grin:



Basically it is vanilla without the change colour settings
There is more to this but that is all I have to say now, Iway over trying to mak sense

However, this does not work, since it probably comes in dependence to the Welcome App then anyway.

I haven’t tried the latest iso will do soon but I think the global theme aka colours in global are set by the new breeze theme. Testing now on vbox

test failded due to my eyestight 4ill tru agsin sober yomorroe

Yes, it still is with the last ISO.

No, it works OK deselecting eos-settings-plasma on a fresh installation.

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I think eos-settings-plasma should be renamed to something like eos-theme-plasma because I don’t think the current name implies theming at all.

I’d even go as for as to make this opt-in instead of opt-out but discslaimer: I dislike every form of “forced” theming. I always loved that EndeavourOS has no theming compared to e.g.:Garuda Linux.

I know it’s truly optional in EndeavourOS so it’s fine and I think a name change is all it would take.

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yes may some forget already… but if you do not install that settings package you will have the non-working discovery icon in the panel, and it is not a deep changed setup and theming only fixing stuff that is broken.

If it would be optional no one would install it and we would again get complaints about the non-working setup.

@Balder there is no dependency in welcome for the settings packages.

Aside from that… even if you do not unselect it it is a single click in the system theme settings to change to the default vanilla theme in KDE.

We could set these repackage to show off the package list in the installer slide in the future give them a title as we have for XFCE4 there:

@joekamprad, that was just a guess that it’s because of the Welcome app. Sorry, I’m not that educated …

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