Online Installer Question- What's the dealio

2 years linux fan here. I have EndeavourOS installed on a PC.

Great logo and forum. I found the wiki very good. I simply adore this branding. I thought the desktop was really well designed; XP-chic. Love the vaporwave vibe here. I think the mission is great. I have a question. It’s about the repo. Shall I get to it?

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When the online installer drops, are the desktops going to be lightly themed, like the XFCE one that dropped.

Yesterday I discovered Mojave Red for Plasma/Kvantum and it’s quite nice really.

Is it possible the installer could contain some scripts or something to theme the desktop in acordence with the cool EndeavourOS brand?

For example Mojave Red for Plasma and Lindows10 Pink for DDE.
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for now is offline, but when online/offline installer combo, it would be basicly just Vanila.

Like vanila gnome experience is always more stable then you have something that is less supported. Counts also with KDE. What people after costumize is basicly for the people, i thin if you setup a good backup your always be back on your liking setup. :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome to the forum.
Maybe someone will build an endeavourish theme and push it to the KDE-Store or Then applying that theme to your desktop of choice would be no problem. :wink:


Keep an eye out on the announcements tomorrow…


hello the new iso

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I catch your drift DevNul.
I’m digging into a bit of research. The devs are coding a new installer that is both offline and online. They’ve ditched Cynchi I gather.
You mean vanilla Plasma as in even the nasty green wallpaper? Should I aim to make a theme and then upload somekind of script to the AUR?
I’ve found the GitHub. I see, yes indeed, the devs have forked Calamares. That’s interesting.
My argument again. Endeavour is all about the community and learning, and the brand is amazing. So, like the XFCE-desktop-settings part of the repo what if there was a desktop-settings part of the repo for other Desktop Workspaces, like DDE and Plasma. Wouldn’t that be dope?

Thanks man, that’s so cool :upside_down_face::ghost::space_invader::peach::ambulance::rainbow::clapper::moneybag:

keen eye for the iso guy

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