Online Installer linux-lts Option

I was wondering if in the next revision (or any future revision) of the online installer, there could be an option to select the linux-lts kernel as the default?

I ran into a number of snags today running off the mainline kernel and ultimately resolved them by swapping over to lts. I understand my setup is not the average install (Infiniband, NFS, and ZFS in the mix here, as well as a number of home server media applications), but it would be awesome if when I was dropping a new install into place I could say “Yes please use Cinnamon, and also please use the lts kernel.”

If this has been asked before I apologize, I searched the forum and didn’t see anything specifically about this.

Otherwise the online installer has been excellent. I love that I can just drop Cinnamon, or any number of other DEs in place and not have to manually yank defaults later.


If zfs is critical to your system I would consider adding the archzfs and archzfs-kernel repos. The former has the kernel modules and headers and the latter maintains the correct versions of the kernels that match. That way when a kernel updates comes, you don’t need to worry about it breaking zfs.

Thanks for the suggestion! I will look into that moving forward.


Just proposed the idea. :+1:

This one is certainly on our to-do-list but don’t expect this one on our next release, there are a lot of developments going on at this moment. :grinning:


In the meantime, it is easy to install linux-lts after the system is complete and then update Grub. Even on a vanilla Arch, I am tending to use my linux-lts quite a lot these days because the ‘bleeding-edge’ linux occasionally throws up some odd wobblies after an upgrade (as it did today)…


Yep that’s what I ended up doing and it’s 90% working now. My Infiniband setup is still weirdly broken and any time the system tries to initiate the connection the system freezes up pretty badly. That might be a card or cable issue though.