Online Installation

I have an installation problem.
An “offline installation” works correctly.
Then online update. Also OK.

But if I do an “online installation”, no matter what options, it does not come to a correct conclusion! The last entry in the log terminal is “##### Install finished (UTC): …” But there is no “finished window” and a restart request.
When I start from disk, it doesn’t boot correctly.
When I do Grub again, there are no errors. Then boot. The login text console appears. Registration does not succeed.

I have to rely on an “online installation” for a number of reasons (selection / deselection of packages).

What’s wrong

Are you removing the flashdrive before doing the requested restart, so you don’t accidentally boot back into it?

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and to see what is going wrong it will need to have a look at the log of installation, or we can only look into the magic glass… :mage:

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Of course, I consider removing the flash drive.
The problem is that after finishing the log, it does not jump to the “Exit” section and probably does not make the boot configuration correctly.
As described, this only occurs with the online installation!

Das Entfernen Flash-Laufwerk beachte ich natürlich.
Das Problem ist das nach Finish im Log, das er nicht zum “Beenden” Abschnitt springt und vermutlich Bootkonfig nicht korrekt mach.
Wie beshrieben tritt das nur bei der Online Installation auf!

COOL IT with the tone. Was completely unnecessary. You know as well as anyone that even the most experienced users forget it sometimes. Now fix your post.

That said have you checked or rechecked the checksum of the ISO?

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That is,