Once installed, what do the EndeavourOS packages offer over bare Arch?

Recently I installed EndeavourOS, I’ve been using Arch for some years, however I find setting up the UEFI bool loader to be a hassle, so preferred to have that part automated.

A while ago I did this with Antegros and immediately removed all Antegros packages bringing it back to something like a regular Arch install. I was about to do the same - but though it’s worth asking what I’m missing out on if I do that.

Is this summarized somewhere?


really good question, I want to follow this
but as far as I can see it’s more about an easy way to install arch with some cool tools to manage and a base of everyday softs

EndeavourOS provides some defaults and some additional packages, but the base is Arch. You also get this forum (and Telegram channel etc.).

If you use the online installer then you essentially have Arch with a third-party repo enabled (but won’t be running a vanilla Arch installation).

But, if your only goal is to have an Arch installer then there are plenty of projects out there that offer just that.


Then the big difference is the “Chit Chat” of the community. This is a social place a human space too.


As discussed here: Two questions before I install
there is a repo with a few mirrors, but that repo hasn’t got a huge amount of packages in it; just the stuff to make EOS flavouring, mirror-handling, welcome, and some hardware helpers.
eg https://mirror.alpix.eu/endeavouros/repo/endeavouros/x86_64/

Mostly what you would miss are the things that you might (given the ability) have created for yourself, and for your convenience. I, for instance, have actually gone ‘the other way’ on a couple of installs, and added the EndeavourOS repo to bare-metal base Arch installs! Nothing there you can’t live without, though - and everything will work as well as a bare Arch does.

The real hub of EnOS is the forum here, though - where you can actually ask a question and get better than an RTFM response…

As for the summary - undoubtedly there must be better ways to do this - but for me a quick reference is available from entering yay endeavouros in a terminal - It shows the packages in the repo!


For such a big community Arch can be a lonely place…

Just sayin’ :wink:


Wat is difference with Antergos & Endeavour , not to much… but for desktop Antergos does work more with Meta files… thats like Manjaro i think… but might be wrong… but meta files as one issue, if you remove the meta, rest of the desktop get on loose wheels :slight_smile: i mean if you do removal orphans, your desktop might be lost…

thats what i think, further, you have a welcome stuf and some hooks… rest is basicly arch.

Technically yes but community no :wink:

Basic community at some point can be poisend and not poisend… Is just a few people are mayby harder or more straight forward… actually never in to that… But when a community get bigger more variety of people comes… its natural things can happend along the way.

Yeah @ringo look at Manjaro now, lots of new people. It is quite different now to maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I mean the forum. Of course they had the problem with the forum crashing but the popularity has also made things change, more people with different ideas.

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actually there was a influx, i think partly also a outflux… part forum hoppers since policy of forum is changed. at linux you can never take things for granted :slight_smile: once you are on the top next day you fall like a eagle :slight_smile:


There are people here that will try their hardest to make sure that doesn’t happen here :wink:


Change is life, stagnation is death. I guess we have to learn how to ride with it. :smiley:


Team Endeavour! Let’s hope for a fair wind and may the sea be kind to our ship.


When boring, i desktop hop, but never reinstall as possible…

but currently i stick on my lxqt+xfwm combination :slight_smile: got all what i need.

I hop about too, out of curiosity, but I love pacman so much I really can’t be bothered with the “apt” stuff anymore, which kind of limits my choices! :sweat_smile:


Does xfwm work well with lxqt? It seems like a good idea but with minimal xfce dependencies. One is gtk and the other is qt. Also I heard rumours that xfce is going to go more gnome.

For xfce is not about more gnome is just to adapt the GTK3 in the system and for future if wayland become standard also working well… lxqt you can run with most Wm’s with some hack :slight_smile: xfwm4 part is to have a nice window handling you miss in openbox with openbox you must edit the lxqt-rc.xml files or install quick-tile :slight_smile:

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Yeah, thankyou for the info. I will try the lxqt/xfwm4 in a test machine. I am not very good with xml language like openbox uses. I still like, and miss, the old plain text configs that Fluxbox used. Very K.I.S.S. :smile: