Ohai, another dutchie has arrived

Recently reinstalled my laptop again. I had been using Manjaro for the last few years, but decided to try something else.

After reading about it on Tweakers, decided to give this a go. It was a bit more work, but its running rather smoothly. And in fixing the small issues I have had, I learned quite a bit and was actually good fun. Running Gnome with dash to panel and dont think I have ever had an install run this smooth.

Been reading through the forums a wee bit and the community here seems great.

So thank you for the great distro :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard! :smile:

Agreed, friendly and knowledgeable community. You’ll get great help on any issue you might encounter.


Welcome to EnOS!

Does dash to panel work in Gnome 40? I just checked an there seems not to be a compatible version yet.

Had to look it up on github and install the release from there. The version on extensions site does not work yet. I also had to increase the version in the version file to prevent gnome from trying to update it back down to a non working version.

The issue at github: https://github.com/home-sweet-gnome/dash-to-panel/issues/1265

And the fork with the fix

That code should/will be used in the next version of the official release for dash to panel.


That’s great!
Thanks for the explanation and sharing the info!
Dash to panel is one of my favorite extensions whenever I install a Gnome DE.

Glad i could help :slight_smile: I had dash to dock also somewhat functional, but there are too many things not working yet with that one. And at first I wasnt a huge fan of dash to panel, but got it configured in such a way now that im actually happier with this then i would be with dash to dock.

Me too, I like it much better than dash to dock.

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Welcome! Enjoy your time here!!


Welcome to purple side​:vulcan_salute:


Welcome to the fun :balloon::tada:

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Welkom aan boord!

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It appears that the fork of dash-to-panel is already in AUR as gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel-git.

I installed dash-to-panel using yay. But now I cannot figure out how to enable it and change options and so forth. Gnome tweaks had the “extensions” split off into it’s own entity. It isn’t in the “Extensions” menu item. It only shows the extensions installed by default.

HELP! I need somebody. Help! not just anybody. Help! You know I need someone to HELP! Quote: Beatles 1965



did you install the gnome 40 fork? iirc upstream doesn’t support 40 still

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I have not gotten the AUR version to work. I used the gnome40 fork from the link i shared. Its not as simple as installing a package with yay, but it does work for now.

The git repo on the AUR package does not list a gnome40 version yet, they will work on it from what i have read in the issues.

I just got dash-to-panel installed from Github and it works just fine on my end. Thanks @dynosu for pointing out!

I got the Github version installed but I needed to log out and log back in in order for it to show up in Extensions.

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A warm welcome, good to have you with us!

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Welcome to the community :beers:

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Oh god, niet nog eentje...



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