Offline installer for Gnome

I know endeavouros comes with xfce offline installer, while other DE such as Gnome can be downloaded in online installer

But how can we create offline installer for gnome, while other DE such as xfce, kde etc can be downloaded in online installer

What i am suggesting is just replace xfce with gnome as default DE - like community edition

Occasionally i have to travel.
So this new gnome EndeavourOs iso would be handy, if i dont have an fast internet connection
Like on my village in india



Out of curiosity, why would/should that happen? Because it is your personal preference?

Don’t forget that this isn’t a business, the team does all this work for the joy of it. Whatever DE they want to feature is the appropriate one to be on the offline installer.


But real answer would be - you can build it yourself, using EndeavourOS scripts from repo :slight_smile:

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I am not saying endeavouros official iso should replace xfce with gnome

The distro where we originated from, Antergos, had Gnome as their default DE. It is a lot of work to keep Gnome and custom theming like we did on XFCE up to date, since Gnome changes radically every 6 months, breaking the theme.


Some guidance will be helpful

That’s exactly what iam asking

Thank you

This iso would be handy, if i dont have an fast internet connection
Like on my village in india




Gotta get me some KDE. :smiling_imp:

Yeah, it’s good idea :slight_smile:

Check here, All that is needed to build the ISO is available here:

Pretty much you just need to use EndeavourOS-iso-next, change some packages in packages.x86_64 file…and perhaps configure few other files, i’m not sure about Gnome specifically though, maybe @joekamprad can give some more info

  1. Stop doing things that break your system causing you to reinstall frequently.
  2. Research and find out why what you are doing is breaking your system.
  3. You could always use manjaro.

I think i will learn something new

While building this new iso EndeavourOS with Gnome


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Sorry but i dont have fast internet connection in my village

Btw currently i am living in metro city in india and also have fast internet

But occasionally i have to travel.
So u can understand that

I don’t think you’re going to save a lot of time making yourself a gnome ISO…


I knw but atleast i can try,

That would be no problem

Because endeavouros comes with pure vanilla Gnome with no extensions

So it will not gonna break anthing

– Famous last words… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


41 extensions and counting … :rofl:

Edit: You might have to download some of those!


So while back home in the village, don’t update. - I’ve gone months without updating with no major issues.

Just use your computer and then you can update when you get back to the city??