Official intro!

Now yes i already made a intial post but hey might as well give a official hello as well.
So yes hello I am MadmanRB a long time linux user
And with all that time I have I have had many distros under my belt:
Linux Mint (my personal favorite distro in general but only because it stays out of my way)
Debian Pure

Most of my lifetime with linux has been under the ubuntu family tree though.
Anyhow yeah just playing with endevour for a while, so far so good.
Sure i still prefer ubuntu/debian based linux flavors but hey a little arch based now and then is fun and different.
I mean yeah i am bound to have a debian/buntu bias but thats where my linux roots are.

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Welcome !!

thanks, I am just using this casually so you probably wont hear much from me unless something goes pear shaped :smiley:

Never knows :slight_smile: