Odd question

I have been using EndeavourOS since the beginning, I installed the second beta on my daily PC and that install is still going strong. Is there any reason to do a reinstall with the latest install disk? A rolling install shouldn’t need to be reinstalled ever (other than boredom) but has there been any fundamental changes since the beta?


If you have been rolling for a year and have no problems, why break what is not broken? Unless you want to break it. The installer might look different but the welcome app can be updated from the live iso. Otherwise there shouldn’t be any other differences TBH. Kudos to the dev’s. This a testimonial to their hard work.
Welcome aboard! (again) Don’t be such a stranger :wink:


If you your install is that old you probably need to install eos-hooks if you haven’t already.

The welcome app has changed a lot but if you have it, it would have been getting updated.

I agree that there is no point to reinstall unless you really want to.


Basically no compelling reason to reinstall.
But if you are keen on having the latest and greatest, then why not… :sweat_smile:

There are always some minor changes, mostly to default packages from upstream.
If you want to know every bit of changed details, look at the dev site at https://github.com/endeavouros-team.

You could see if there are new interesting packages that you don’t have:

  pacman -Sl endeavouros

Unless you already have them, I’d recommend adding: eos-hooks, akm, grub-tools.
And reflector-auto is now deprecated because reflector has similar functionality.

Why not installing the latest ISO into virtual machine and see the changes? Or even side by side with your current install…