Odd input "freezes"

No raid setup. All on the single Gigabyte NVMe. The other NVMe is a Windows drive for when I have to use certain crappy things with no Linux drivers or programs. The HDD and Samsung SSD are unused at the moment.

I’ll check my BIOS for the RAID settings just in case.
EDIT: Not running in RAID. It’s default was AHCI.

I’m running SDDM because that’s what Enveavour installed, and I never saw a reason to mess with it. Currently I have i3 & KDE installed, but I very rarely use KDE.

I had some problems with LightDM in the past, but I’ll give it a shot. It’s been a while anyways.

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I’ve recently had some severe boot problems with sddm on a system that was originally Antergos. Then a few days ago I changed to to lightdm, and the boot problems are gone.

Sorry, I have no AMD machine to test AMD stuff. But kernel parameters are simple to add if that’s what you meant.

Niether do i but as soon as i get this Ryzen 3800X out of the box and build it i will. I’m just not that up on kernel parameters because well…my hardware just seems to work and i haven’t really had to use any. :man_shrugging:

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Same I have never needed kernel params with my amd 1800x and vega 64. It has always just worked.

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Took a little while, but it happened again while mid-use.

This is after changing to LightDM and making sure I wasn’t using BIOS RAID http://ix.io/2dVU

Not sure what else to try, short of just reinstalling or something like that. I guess I haven’t blamed i3 yet, although I’d really like to keep using it…

Ok so when messing with my pc, I discovered that I forgot to update my grubs resume UUID after changing the swap (in /etc/default/grub). It was still on an old UUID that no longer existed.

Maybe this caused the issue? Not sure, since it was happening even while in use, and I think resume is only used for hibernation. I’ll report back if updating to the new swap’s UUID fixed this issue or not.

EDIT: After making the changes, LightDM refused to work. Had to get on a live CD and switch back to SDDM. Not sure what that’s about.

Sometimes when you play with toys … they break! :rofl:

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I’m assuming it’s fixed since it hasn’t happened in a few days.

That being said, I have had the issue previously not happen for days before, so no idea if that was really the fix or not.